Physics of the Cosmos

  • ECTS

    12 Credits

  • Period

    January - March

Physics of the Cosmos


This module aims to provide students with the essential concepts of the standard cosmological model, universe evolution, structure formation, as well as composition, evolution, morphology and dynamics of galaxies.


Cosmology (6 ECTS)
Basics of the standard cosmological model, Frieddman equations, universe evolution, initial perturbations and their role in CMB fluctuations and large structure formation. Fundamental aspects of the largest structures of the universe and of data analysis in cosmology.
Extragalactic astrophysics (6 ECTS)
Basic aspects of galaxy morphology and content, stellar evolution, and role of gaseous content of galaxies. Chemical and dynamic evolution of galaxies. Rotation curves and their role in galactic mass determination.

    Master in Particle Physics and
    Physics of the Cosmos

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