• ECTS

    6 - 60 Credits

  • Period

    October - January



The Master's academic committee will review the academic background of each applicant. In case of need, students will be required to enroll in some of the following courses, up to a maximum of 60 ECTS. This module is meant to provide these students with the academic background considered necessary for a successful completion of the master. These courses are associated to the University of Cantabria bachelor degree in physics and computer science engineering.


Physics complements
Classical mechanics and relativity (6 ECTS).
Astronomy (6 ECTS).
Electricity and magnetism (6 ECTS).
Electromagnetism and optics (6 ECTS).
Quantum physics and the structure of matter I: fundamentals of quantum physics (6 ECTS).
Quantum physics and the structure of matter II: atoms, molecules and solids (6 ECTS).
Quantum physics and the structure of matter IV: nuclei and elementary particles (6 ECTS).
Mathematics complements
Mathematics I: linear algebra and geometry (6 ECTS).
Mathematics II: differential calculus (6 ECTS).
Mathematics III: integral calculus (6 ECTS).
Computer programming complements
Computer programming (6 ECTS).
Introduction to software (6 ECTS).

    Master in Particle Physics and
    Physics of the Cosmos

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